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Repair of Property Damage

Repair. Within two (2) days after receipt of notice from the County or from a Resident that the Contractor has damaged property, or within two (2) days after the Contractor discovers (or should have reasonably discovered) it has caused any such damage, the Contractor shall complete its repair, restoration or replacement of the damaged property.

Notwithstanding the foregoing damage repair time requirement, if the reasonable time period for a similar contractor to repair, restore or replace the damaged property exceeds two (2) days, then the Contractor shall not be in default of this Section 12.d. if it immediately responds to a claim, notifies the County within one (1) day after notice or discovery of the damage that it cannot be repaired, restored or replaced within the two (2) day time period, commences work to repair, restore, or replace the damaged property within the two (2) day time period, and thereafter diligently and continuously works to complete the same.

However, in no event shall any extended damage repair time period exceed thirty (30) days after the date the Contractor damaged the property. (section 12.d)

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